About Orions Welding

Orions group, commonly known as Orions is private held company established in 1992. Orions group consists of four companies: Rupnica Orions Ltd, Orions Logistika Ltd, Orions Siltums Ltd and Oritaun Ltd. Company is located in Riga, Latvia and operates in metalworking industry.

By privatizing the former state-owned enterprise Komunaļņiks („Utility provider”) in 1995, Orions took over the plant and the technology which was subsequently developed for several decades.

Since 1995, Orions has been actively engaged in heating equipment installation more than in 30 boiler houses pertaining to municipal heat supply stations, timber factories, and social services of the Republic of Latvia, and more than 20 boiler houses in the Russian Federation and Estonia.

By continuously developing heating equipment systems and technology, Orions is currently producing heating systems whose  workmanship is comparable to West European products, while the factory’s technical parameters (endurance) surpass
those of Western-made heating equipment and is much more advanced than most of the products manufactured in neighbouring countries.

Orions works as subcontractor to build large equipment and metal constructions according customers drawings and specifications, we have ability to provide with plasma cutting services and welding service.

Our Company is focusing on technology, quality and product development to meet the end-user expectations and needs.

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Main products are:

  1. Custom made water heating boilers
  2. Boiler houses up to 12MW
    • Vents
    • Multi cyclones
    • Smoke cleaners
    • Augers
    • Solid fuel transporters and ash removal systems
    • Moving floor systems
    • Storage bin with agitator
    • Rotary valves for solid fuel and ash
    • Louver dampers
    • Gate valves
  3. Welded steel parts
  4. Custom made conveyors
  5. Metal constructions for different industries
  6. Other industrial equipment