Heating system design

Orions have great experience in design and production of heating systems.

We offer:

  • Design, complete production and installation of new heating systems
  • Warranty and post warranty (including remote) maintenance
  • Automation of heating systems
  • Repair of boilers and other heating equipment
  • Reconstruction of the boilers
  • Manufacture of any of the components for the heating systems


Please fill contact form or send an email to az@orions.lv and we will prepare a price offer for Your request.

We have experience in building in repair following components for heating systems:

Fans of cold and hot air
Exhaust fans
Solid fuel transporters and ash removal systems
Moving floor systems
Storage bin with agitator
Rotary valves for solid fuel and ash
Louver dampers
Gate valves
Welded steel parts  (stairs, pillars, platforms)
Chimneys and air ducts,
Hull and mast type chimneys