Orions History

Komunalnik imageOrions factory was established in 1992 on basis of former USSR factory “Kommunalnik” which operated in metal processing field.

“Kommunalnik” plant was not as famous as the VEF, RER or RVR or other large Latvian companies, but still it played a fairly important role in the national economy.

After the Second World War “Kommunalnik” was created on the basis of engineering workshops Ozolins and began working almost immediately after the liberation of Riga in 1944.

The war has caused great damage to the urban economy of the Latvian capital. It was necessary to clean Riga from destroyed buildings. Factory “Kommunalnik” has been tasked to develop and produce containers and various cleaning equipment. Later factory began to produce sanitary products, gutters, sinks, which was done in own foundry.

When the mass construction of buildings in Riga started, it was necessary to develop and produce boilers for heating, and “Kommunalnik” started to develop and produce water heating boilers and boiler houses. It was created own design office, built a new pilot plant and modernized old factory. “Kommunalnik” has become a modern industrial enterprise that supplied the boiler and heating systems in Latvia. The factory has been awarded by many awards in USSR for its production success. In the 80 years of the twentieth century, there were employed up to 500 people.

Komunalnik plant historyIn 90 years’ Kommunalnik “(now called “GAMMA”), along with other Latvian companies began to experience difficulties with orders and sales. Debt accumulated, and company was given for privatization. From three candidates, Karlis Zarins was given the chance to buy plant since he worked for many years in this factory.

In 1995 Karlis Zarins privatized the plant and paid company’s debts to government.

Target immediately was set higher – to produce boilers and boiler houses which are in same level or even better than on products of the leading European companies. Unlike the competitors, boilers made in Orions was designed to work with low quality of fuel and in more extreme conditions. Particularly as fuel could be used firewood, wood chips, peat, coal, gas.

These advantages have helped the company compete with other suppliers in Baltic region and Western Russia. ORIONS has become as main boiler producer in several towns, it also installed its heating equipment and trained local staff to work on it. All tasks was done with a strict observance of commitments, deadlines and with guaranteed quality.

It was established representative offices in St. Petersburg and Tikhvin. Products ORIONS plant are in demand also in Latvia, Estonia and Denmark.