Metal Construction Production

We have experience in manufacturing custom made constructions for different industries:

  • Building (steel mounts, roof constructions)
  • Industrial equipment (transporters, metal stairs etc.)
  • Machine and equipment (custom frames, trailers)
  • Metal design elements (decorative owens, hangers, abstract design elements)
  • Automotive (flanges)
  • Furniture (metal parts, legs, brackets)
  • Food (blender, pots, pans, boilers)
  • Gas and Oil (elbows)
  • Energy (safety cabints, special elements)


Based on Your specification and demands, we will be pleased to prepare a complete offer including pricing and delivery date for You.


Orions factory have great experience in manufacturing of different types of metal constructions. We can make constructions according customers drawings or work together with customer to develop design from idea or sketch.

Factory is equipped with 20 metric tons lifting capacity crane.

Our technology allows us to perform all neccessary operations from design till final treatment and installing of electronic controllers.