Multicyclone MC-6

Multicyclone seperator is equipment which extracts the dust form the generating points and retains dust particles inside the dust collectors and lets clean air to the atmosphere.

Multicyclone MC-6 is equipped with automatic outlet of ash. It will open the lower part of the multicyclone to dump the accumulated ash from the multicyclone. Please note that for correct functioning of multicyclone it must be erected and connected to heat system correctly. For further advice please contact factory Orions. For the optimal performance of the multicyclone it is absolutely necessary to fit ash container or ash removal system under the multicyclone. Multicyclone will not function if ash is removed from multicyclone. We recomend using ash containers and feeding systems produced by factory Orions for this purpose.

Multicyclone is designed to extract part of particles from smoke, created during process of burning hard fuel. The MC-6 will remove approx. 90%* of particles bigger than 20 micrones.

*The exact percentage of removed particles depends on usage of the whole heating system. Lower heat power than recomended may increase the amount of particles not extracted from smoke. We recomend that you allways use the heating system at it’s optimal design power to reach best performance of multicyclone.

Max flue gas flow in

4320 m^3 / s (200°C, 1 bar(a) (atmospheric pressure)

Max flue gas temperature



Removes approx. 90%* of particles bigger than 20 micrones

Size of entrance and the exit of the smoke

285mm x 285mm


depth              850 mm

width               1200 mm

height              2994 mm