Water boiler “ORIONS – 2H2M” is made in accordance with the Latvian Government regulation No. 165 “Regulations of pressure equipment and assemblies” and corresponds to the Latvian Government regulation No. 384 “Regulations of the dangerous equipment” and Latvian Government Regulation No. 241 “Boiler technical supervision”.

Water boiler “ORIONS – 2H2M” is designed to work with solid fuel – wood, designed for heating, hot water supply and technological needs.

Maximum water pressure in the boiler is 0,6 MPa (6 kg / cm2), the maximum water temperature + 95,0° C.

Water boiler “ORIONS – 1M” can be operated only in systems with forced water supply – in systems with circulating pumps.

The boiler is designed to work with forced air draft – to work with smoke aspirator. Smoke must be cleaned with “Multi Cyclone”.

Boiler type

Horizontal, designed to work with wood

Boiler power

1.0 MW

Max temperature of the boiler outlet

95,0° C

Min temperature of the boiler inlet

70,0° C

Max water pressure

0.6 MPa (6 bar)

0.75 MPa (7.5 bar) (for system testing)

Minimal efficiency ratio


Max water flow

35 m3 / h

Boiler heating surface area

59 m2

Boiler water capacity

3 m3

Boiler dimensions

length              3800 mm

width               1680 mm

height              2750 mm

net weight       5000 kg

gross weight   8000 kg