Welding Subcontracting

Orions offers welding services of different complexity. To fulfil the orders for welding service, our company uses the latest generation of semi-automatic welding equipment. Staff is qualified and trained to work according standards, which facilitates welder’s work, securing both speed and quality while performing welding services.

Basic points in our production and customer care are:

  • high quality of the product
  • competitive prices
  • attention to every client and every detail

Based on Your specification and demands, we will be pleased to prepare a complete offer including pricing and delivery date for You.


Our welders use MIG, TIG and MAG welding technologies.

Factory Orions is producing all sorts of constructions made from steel and stainless steel. To produce constructions we can use customers’ drawings or a simple idea of customer with a few numbers. Experience, attention and up-to-date machinery are guarantee for our quality. Our team can also install construction at customers’ location.

In our production line we can perform operations like welding, bending, cutting, drilling, etc. Also hot galvanaizing and hot painting are available.